KN95 (10/box)

Foldable KN95 Standard Mask, pack of 10
• High-quality filter material protection mask
• 4-layered structure protection
• Foldable style, comfortable cutting, and fitting
• BFE and PFE reach ASTM level3
• Provided by Medzon Health. Shipped in USA.

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• Highly efficient filtration of harmful viruses, smog, automobile exhaust.
• Foldable style, lightweight, easy to use.
• Pure cotton ear band, not tight for sweat absorption.
• Soft lining reduces skin irritation.
• The product is for single use.
• Protection against low toxicity solid and liquid aerosols in concentrations up to 12XOEL
• Do not use in a place where oxygen concentration is less than 17 Vol. %

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