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Medzon Health has developed a full line of Infection Protection
supplies, including N95 Masks, Face Shields, and Full Body coverings.
We will help keep you safe from head to toe.

Infection Prevention equipment, such as N95 masks, face shields, and PAPR equipment is important to protect both healthcare workers and patients. The proper PAPR PPE and other products can help lessen the transmission of infection to provide better, more efficient care. Our infection prevention supplies, including face shields, surgical masks, and other items, are comfortable and efficient at infection prevention, so you can work with confidence.

Medzon Health supply these items to our partners, such as hospitals, surgical centers, private practices, and more to help them feel self-assured and so they can proceed with quality care. People come first at Medzon Health, and this is how we help make it happen.

Surgical Face Masks

4 ply surgical face masks for sale 50 to a box from Medzon Health. Our surgical face masks are non-woven, Polypropylene that allows for easy breathing and speaking while still providing excellent filtration. These are FDA certified and shipped in the USA. Be comfortable, be clear, and remain safe with our surgical face masks.

N95 Masks

Medzon Health supplies N95s, 20 to a box, shipped in the USA. Our N95s provide 95% filtration efficiency against infections. These are a folding style that still allows for easy breathing and speaking during use. Stay protected while having a comfortable fit that keeps you relaxed.

Face Shields

Purchase a face shield, with glasses, from Medzon Health today to protect against infection. Easy to assemble and comfortable to wear, face shields are popular for infection prevention. These are anti-spray, anti-fogging, anti-smoke, and anti-exhaust. They are also oil splash-proof and windproof sand.

Protective Apparel

Protective apparel will help keep you safe and help prevent infection. At Medzon Health, we offer protective apparel in the form of scrubs and gowns. Select from a disposable scrubs set, top and bottom, or disposable scrub shorts. The scrubs set is most frequently used during daily routine procedures; they have a shelf life of 5 years and have been tested to protect against a range of bio-contamination levels to ensure proper safety. Our scrubs shorts are commonly used for standard patient care, as with wellness checkups or physical therapy; they should be used in situations with minimal fluid exposure.

We offer six infection prevention gowns to select from: a non-woven isolation gown, a level one isolation gown, a reinforced isolation gown, a level three isolation gown, poly-coated chemotherapy gowns, and surgical sterile gowns. Select the isolation gown that is most relevant to your infection prevention needs.


We offer Powered Air-Purifying Respirators (PAPRs) and Accessories to assist with infection prevention. This type of respirator uses a battery-powered blower to force air through a particle filter for the wearer to breathe; they are capable of filtering particles from the air at efficiencies suitable to be substituted in situations where an N95 type filter has been recommended. Breathe easier and safer with a PAPR. Email to discuss ordering information for this product.