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Covid Testing Kits

Antigen tests and Antibody tests are available to protect yourself and those around you.
Order covid testing kits today for your venue or business from Medzon Health.

Keep employees, visitors, guests, and others safe with dependable covid testing kits. Our covid testing kits are appropriate for residential care, hospitality and lodging facilities, sports venues, local and state correctional facilities, the travel industry, and entertainment venues.

Medzon Health provide covid testing kits because our philosophy is people first -- we think it is important that businesses and practices are able to safely and securely know about a coronavirus outbreak as soon as they suspect one. With fast results from an easy-to-use covid testing kit, you can feel confident about the safety of your site and the health of your employees and guests.

Select between an antigen test or an antibody test that both display results in 10 minutes. Both of these covid tests can be stored for up to 24 months at room temperature and require no special skills or instruments to use -- the nasal swab specimen is used to determine the presence of antibodies or an antigen. Easy to read with fast results, order these covid testing kits today to ensure safety and health at your facility.

Covid Antibody Test

Order fast, easy, and convenient antibody tests from Medzon Health. The covid antibody test can detect antibodies as early as one week after infection. A positive result with the antibody test indicates a coronavirus infection. A negative result with the antibody result indicates no infection or an infection that is in its very early stages -- the first few days.

Covid Antigen Test

The covid antigen test determines if a person is currently infected with a pathogen. Once an infection has cleared, the antigen has also disappeared. Antigens can be present even without symptoms and determining the presence of an antigen helps determine if the person is still infecting others while not being aware.

Protect Yourself and Others with Covid Testing Kits

Utilizing test kits as part of your venue, facility, care center, or other location can be critical to helping maintain the safety and health of you, your employees, and your guests. Both the antibody test and antigen test are simple and easy to use with quick results. These covid tests can help you monitor any suspected outbreaks and allow guests to feel safe and secure in your facility.

Ready to place an order? Fill out the form on either the antibody test kit page or the antigen test kit page and we’ll get back to you about fulfilling your order. At MedzonHealth, we put people first, and supplying dependable, easy-to-use covid test kits allows us to be there for healthcare workers and other partners who are in need. We utilize our reliable network to provide timely shipping that you can count on. And if there’s an issue, we have customer service representatives who are available 24/7 to assist with any issues that arise. Order with confidence, Medzon Health has your back.