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Protect healthcare workers with dependable
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Everyone deserves access to safe and reliable healthcare. At Medzon, we help make that happen by manufacturing trusted chemotherapy gowns and gloves for sale to protect healthcare workers while they care for patients. Chemotherapy gloves and chemotherapy gowns are specifically designed to help protect healthcare workers from exposure to hazardous drugs. Trust Medzon for your next chemotherapy equipment order.

Adhere to Guidelines with Proper Chemotherapy Equipment

Nurses administrating chemotherapy to patients are required by guidelines to wear full and proper PPE during treatment. This means appropriate chemotherapy gowns and chemo gloves. When transitioning between patients, healthcare workers are also instructed to change out chemotherapy gowns and gloves to avoid chemical transfers.

Ensure all healthcare workers can comply with these guidelines by ordering chemotherapy gloves and gowns for sale today. Keep both patients and nurses safe with the proper chemotherapy equipment always in stock.

Chemotherapy Gloves

Our chemotherapy gloves for sale come 100 to a box; select from sizes small through x-large. The MGuard chemotherapy gloves provide strength and durability, a long 9” cuff for an extra barrier of protection, and textured fingertips for a more controlled grip. These chemotherapy gloves for sale have been barrier tested against fentanyl exposure up to 167 minutes to help provide better protection to healthcare workers, even when treating overdose patients.

Chemotherapy Gowns

We have chemotherapy gowns for sale that are engineered specifically to provide healthcare workers protection from the potential hazards associated with handling chemotherapy agents when delivering patient treatment. The anticipated fluid exposure rating for our chemotherapy gowns is for high fluid levels, providing ultimate protection.

Our chemotherapy gowns are a poly-coated material that provides both durability and protection, yet they are lightweight with a variety of secure ties and open back vs closed back options. The low-linting material helps provide a clean and safe environment while still having a comfort fit with long, cuffed sleeves.

Why Order Your Chemotherapy Equipment from Medzon Health

Our mission is to ensure that all patients get the care and treatment they deserve with safe, trusted healthcare equipment. We manufacture chemotherapy equipment so healthcare workers can stay safe and focus on patient care.

We put people first, are dedicated to our passion, and believe that durable products lead to high performance. It’s not just an order of chemotherapy gloves and gowns, it’s trusting your patient care equipment to protect you and the patient for superb treatment, every time.

We Offer Chemotherapy Gloves and Gowns to a Wide Variety of Partners

Get in touch today if your facility is in need of chemotherapy gowns and gloves. We partner with assisted living facilities, HME providers, EMS, hospitals, long-term care facilities, medical practices, surgery centers, and more.

Use our inquiry form below to let us know what chemotherapy equipment you need and we’ll get back to you in a timely manner to set up your order. Every order with us is dependability you can rely on.