Anesthesia Supplies

Anesthesia equipment that is safe, dependable,
and high-quality. Because patient care matters.

MedZon Health™ is dedicated to manufacturing and providing anesthesia supplies to all of our partners in a timely manner. We know that you need quality anesthesia equipment that is safe, reliable, and easy to use. All of our anesthesia supplies, from face masks to catheters, are manufactured with trusted patient care in mind. Provide quality healthcare to every patient, every time. You’re in good hands with MedZon Health™.

Laryngeal Mask Airway

100% medical-grade silicone available in seven different sizes. Our single-use Laryngeal Mask Airway anesthesia supplies are available in seven different sizes from neo-natal to adult, providing you the right size for every patient you have under your care.

Suction Catheter

Available in a wide variety of connectors, our suction catheters are available in a variety of sizes. Select between a T control valve, Cap On control valve, Y control valve, or no control valve. Different shore A hardness is available.

Closed Suction Catheter

In need of a catheter that provides better control of infections? Our closed suction catheter is designed for safe 24-hour use. Choose from 7 different sizes.

Mucus Extractor

Customized extractors available or select our existing mucus extractor anesthesia equipment, available in two different sizes. Specifically designed for the extraction of mucus with one more cap provided for safe storage of the specimen.

Anesthesia Face Mask

Our anesthesia face masks are latex-free and available in seven different sizes. Color-coded hook rings are available as well as scents of Bubble Gum and Strawberry to provide quality care to every patient. The sizes of our anesthesia equipment range from premature to large adult for anesthesia face masks.

Endotracheal Tube

Available in four different models, ranging in size, cuffed, uncuffed, and reinforced, our Endotracheal Tubes are 510(K) approved. Strong tube walls ensure the proper ventilation for all patients, providing quality and safe patient care. Blister or Paper Film Pouch packing available.


MedZon Health™ provides two different models of airways to select from when ordering your anesthesia supplies. Choose from the Guedel Airway or the Berman Airway, both made of semi-rigid non-toxic polyethylene.

Intubating Stylet

Made of Medical Aluminium covered with a plastic sheath, our intubating stylets are trusted anesthesia supplies you can count on. They are designed with a soft rounded tip for minimizing patient trauma during intubation and provide flexible use for the assistance of intubation.

Ready to Order?

Contact us at for ordering information. Our single-use anesthesia supplies are designed to assist healthcare workers and provide safe and trusted patient care.

At MedZon Health™ we ensure a connected global network that provides fast manufacturing and timely delivery you can count on for all of your anesthesia supplies. We utilize global MedZon factories, air freight, US-based distribution centers, and tested MedZon logistics to get all anesthesia equipment to our partners when they need it.

We are a rapidly growing company that is focused on people, service, and quality. We excel in order to ensure you excel. Safe, quality healthcare should be accessible easily and readily for all and our aim is to manufacture anesthesia supplies everyone can count on.