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Needles and Syringes

Disposable safety needles and syringes available with advanced features to provide the safest use for doctors, nurses, and patients. Healthcare equipment designed for ease of use with bold, easy to see readouts.

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Disposable Needles

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MedZon Health™ is taking unprecedented measures to ensure that vital medical equipment and supplies are kept in stock and available whenever they are needed. Our purpose is to keep frontline and healthcare workers well equipped and safe while they care for others. Our medical supply company is accessible and available to assist at any time of day.

Check out our selection of medical equipment including N95s, Sanitation Wipes, Masks, Shields, Isolation Gowns, and more. We are a leading medical supply manufacturer focused on community health and we are here for you.

Our Medical Equipment Network

As a medical supply company, we are aware that our partners can’t be left waiting for the medical supplies that they need now. Our global footprint ensures fast, reliable production of healthcare equipment and timely delivery to our partners around the world. We provide medical equipment services because we are dedicated to being a reliable partner to those that count on us day in and day out for their healthcare supplies.

As a rapidly growing company, we ensure healthcare supplies to our partners when they need it most. From frontline workers to hospitals and more, we are focused on quality public health care for everyone.











Our Partners

Medzon Care, our staffing division, can place any number of trained medical professionals based on your need. At Medzon, we’re not just committed to being a trusted medical supply company, we’re focused on being there for all healthcare providers when they need us most. By providing both healthcare equipment through Medzon Health™ and staff through Medzon Care, you can come to us for every need you have. We’re not just medical equipment suppliers, we’re the company you can trust for quality healthcare for everyone. As we continue to grow and expand we hope to be there for all of our healthcare partners no matter what they need.

MedZon Health™

Is proud to partner with those who serve the front line of healthcare. Our goal is to provide medical workers with medical equipment of the highest quality and standards. We are the go-to medical equipment suppliers you can come to, whatever you may need. Get in contact today to place an order.

About Our Medical Supply Company

We are a Global Medical Supply Company and leading innovators of medical supplies. Headquartered in Orange County, California, we are a national network that provides to all of the United States. Our team is made up of medical equipment suppliers that operate 24/7, so any urgent need that arises is covered.

Our global footprint includes manufacturing plants for medical equipment and offices in the United States, Turkey, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Japan, and South Korea. The subsidiary Medzon Logistics was established to operate ocean, air, and ground distribution of medical equipment. We focus on a unified goal of delivering excellence by providing rapid delivery to our US partners for all healthcare equipment.

It’s important to us that we take unprecedented measures to ensure all vital healthcare supplies are kept in stock and available for whenever they are needed. Our purpose is to keep those working on the frontlines of healthcare safe, protected, and well equipped at all times. Because of this, we are accessible any time of day to assist those in need.

MedZon Health™ isn’t just your average medical equipment manufacturer -- we partner with developers and manufacturers to source healthcare supplies of the highest qualities and standards. In us, you can trust. We are rapidly growing and continue to expand, putting quality healthcare at the forefront of our mission.

The Core Values We Uphold

Human healthcare is a demanding and emotional industry. MedZon Health™ acknowledges the challenges and importance of the industry and seeks to manufacture the very best healthcare supplies worldwide, as all of us, at some point in our lives, will require care to restore and sustain us.

What drives us is the knowledge that what we do and how we do it impacts the lives of others. Our commitment to being an exceptional medical supply manufacturer is fueled by our promise to provide the best to those working on the frontlines of healthcare. We pride ourselves on focusing on People, Passion, and Performance.

People First

Unparalleled Service through Passion

Total Quality Performance

Professional Healthcare Equipment and Supplies

MedZon Health™ wants everyone working in the frontline of healthcare to have the best healthcare supplies available to them. This is why we partner with so many healthcare industries and locations to ensure everyone has access to reliable delivery and safe products. Whatever your needs, we have the healthcare supplies to assist you and your patients.

  • Acute Care
  • Assisted Living
  • Consumer
  • EMS
  • HME Providers
  • Home Care and Hospice
  • Hospitals
  • Integrated Delivery Network
  • Long-term Care
  • Medical Practices
  • Research, Education, and Development
  • Surgery Centers

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Ready to make an order? Get in touch with us today! You can order select healthcare supplies throughout the website, fill out our order form, or give us a call. With 24/7 support, we will help you get whatever you need as soon as you need it.